Student conduct

To keep other passengers and bus drivers safe and comfortable, all school students are required to comply with the Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses.

The code sets out the expected behaviour of students while travelling on the bus and the consequences for breaching the code, and provides a framework to manage student misconduct.

The guiding principles reinforce the roles and responsibilities of bus operators, parents, schools and other stakeholders who play a key role in the safe travel of school students.

At the bus stop On the bus
Student Behaviour

At the bus stop

  • Stand a reasonable distance from the road.
  • Refrain from disruptive behaviour.
  • Be respectful of other people’s property.
  • Board the bus in an orderly manner.
  • Scan your EC Smart Bus Pass / or purchase cash ticket and take your seat immediately.
Student Behaviour

On the bus

  • Offensive or racist language, shouting, harassing & bullying, fighting, smoking or spitting will not be tolerated.
  • Refrain from moving about inside the bus or swinging off handrails.
  • Students must not put their feet on the seats.
  • Students must not throw objects in or from the bus.
  • Students must give up their seats to all adults and disabled passengers.
  • Students must obey reasonable directions from the bus driver and not distract the bus driver, except in an emergency.
  • Students must not vandalise or damage the bus in any way. Any vandalism should be reported to the bus driver.
  • Follow directions given by the bus driver.
  • Show your appreciation of your bus driver by greeting him / her when you board and thank them when you get off.
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Student conduct