Emissionzero 01

Our E-MISSION ZERO STRATEGY encompasses our mission towards net-zero emissions by 2040.

We are proud to be the first private passenger transport operator in Australia to commit to a zero-emissions target by introducing hydrogen fuel cell electric buses to our fleet from mid-2022. The entire fleet of 120 diesel-powered vehicles will be replaced by hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles by 2040.

The $100 million project offers a completely sustainable transport solution with benefits to the environment, local community, and passengers.

Green hydrogen will be produced at Emerald Depot using rainwater captured onsite with a renewable powered electrolyser generating hydrogen to power the entire fleet.

With approximately 90% of fuels used in Australia derived from oil sourced from offshore, locally produced green hydrogen will remove the risk of fuel disruption and price instability.

In addition to the hydrogen project, our facilities will be powered by 100% renewable electricity and water by 2025. This will include 100% renewable power, recycling and rainwater systems, paperless office systems and water efficient mobile vehicle washing units.